The Conference is organised by activists and groups from all over the world. Some of us have already been boycotting COP for many years. Others went to COP frequently, and realized nothing changed, year after year. Others are new to our movement and realize there’s an urgent need to escalate our actions. Activists from all these groups got together and decided to boycott COP, and put on an alternative conference instead. Now, our political statement is available online and every activist that agrees with it is welcome to join us.

Who is this conference for?

We will have key organizations and activists from all over the world, that will meet offline to come up with a plan for how our movement will win within the climate deadlines, establishing the necessary international coordination.

  • The organizations should send delegates capable of bringing proposals and making decisions on behalf of the organization.
  • The activists that aren’t coming on behalf of any organization, should be very involved in our movement, and connected with different groups and other activists, in order to also be able to take on next steps that come out of this conference.

We will also have an online component on 1/3 of the program, where activists and groups that aren’t on the conference can contribute to it. The online sessions will be based on webinars, whereas all the strategical discussions and decisions will take place offline in Colombia.


Our movement should’ve done this years ago. Unfortunately, we didn’t – so let’s do it now. 

COP is dead. Every year delegates attend these conferences and emissions keep rising. That’s why we refuse to participate in a process of trading empty promises any longer. We know we need to apply an emergency brake to prevent climate breakdown.

We’ve decided to propose a hopeful alternative. That’s why we are having an emergency conference to have practical discussions about how to deliver a safe and just future for us all. We will use every valuable moment in Colombia to develop collective strategies and build a robust global network based on solidarity.


The Conference will address four pillars to prime our movement for success:

1) Vision/Program
What’s the world we want to build and it’s political building blocks? / What comes after we execute system change?

2) Theory of change
How will we win? / How do we execute system change?

3) Strategy
How will we implement our theory of change? / What concrete things (either existing, or that need to be created) do we need to implement our theory of change?

4) Organization
How do we/should we organize ourselves in our own contexts, across them, and internationally?

The program for the conference will be built based on groups/activists sessions proposals.

If you want to propose sessions for the conference, register for the conference and there you can fill out that option and you will be contacted by our program team.